Friday, August 27, 2010

Porter Mufflers now instock!



Sunday, August 8, 2010

THE FLATTRAKKERS! High Octane Rock & Roll...

These boys are totally awesome! Check out track samples on their Myspace page (link below) and buy the CD!


Since forming in September 2004, The Flattrakkers can be found regularly playing around their home town of Newcastle (NSW, Australia), the Central Coast, and Sydney, as well as rockabilly, roots festivals and hot rod shows across Australia and at New Zealand's own 'Beach Hop' in Whangamata.

This 3 piece band has managed to turn their genuine passion for hot rods, kool cars, racin’ and ol’ speedway days into their own revved up rockabilly sound.
Mark Hawkins is strong on vocals and a seasoned lead guitarist with his pin striped Gretsch, Matt Ward is versatile on the double bass, either playin’ it or jumpin’ off it and holding it all together is Bruce “Real Skins MCoy” Findlay on drums. With a genuine look and sound of rockabilly the boys are all musically solid and together they’re tight and ready to rock. It's been said, if you're not at least tappin' your foot - check your pulse!
Performing live The Flattrakkers have their own unique sound and a versatile set list. Clear influences include The Stray Cats, Eddie Cochrane, Hank III, Johnny Cash, Sid King and Wayne Hancock to name a few.
Their debut album - HIGH OCTANE received plenty of national and overseas interest, proving The Flattrakkers are staking their claim in the rockabilly scene. There are more than a few songs about kool cars and going fast, plenty of dance tunes and if you're into rockabilly, hot rods, racin’ or cruizin' you will want to add High Octane to your CD collection.
Just released is The Flattrakkers second offering to the gods of speed “SPEEDCAR DEMON” and the boys were fortunate enough to be asked to record a tune as the “Official theme song for the Speedcar Super Series 08-09” which ended up as the title track of this album. Speedcar Demon includes 12 all new originals plus a cover of Louis King’s “Werewolf Baby”. Fans will not be disappointed with this fine follow up where the boys blend traditional sounds and rockin’ tunes to make another distinctly Flattrakkers recording.

Friday, August 6, 2010

One of my favourite shops... Fullerton Fabrication California

Rudy Rodriguez works completely alone. In the last few decades, he worked as a Volkswagen and Porsche mechanic during the day and built hotrods at night.  Several years ago, the late nights morphed into a full time operation at home. Recently, a lack of space and growing workload have driven him to open a shop.  He was an underground hero to anyone growing up in Orange County California in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Through the 1990’s his work included bikes, customs, and hotrods. Now, he is openly praised by industry heavies like Roy Brizio. Through it all, however, Rudy remains the same humble mechanic he was 25 years ago.

Website here:

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Vintage Torque DVD Volume 1 is now available while stocks last at the great price of $30 delivered.

Get in quick...

Vintage Torque DVD #1 - Running Time 2 Hours 40 Minutes of traditional coverage.
PLUS a bonus disc of other hot rod events from around the country.
Bonus DVD runs 50 Minutes!
So you get 3 hours and 30 minutes of footage!!!
First DVD features:
The Polar Cruise - this is a mid winter cruise just outside Chicago where kool kats that are NOT afraid of the elements take their cars out and run 'em!
Gene Winfield Interview - talking about the BEGINNING of the whole hot rod scene and his influences on it!
Yokohama Hot Rod Show - event coverage of one of the best car shows outside the USA
Blackie Gejeian Interview - reflecting on the traditional movement of today and the ORIGINAL hot rodders
DETAILS - this is the section of the DVD that we have already been told is the coolest part - This is the part that features guys that have BUILT their cars and DRIVE their cars. Details on what they have done to the cars and some back story on the cars. Each segment lasts about 1-3 minutes. Traditional car from kustoms to hot rods and there may be a Volksrod included in the mix
Rick Dore interview - telling us the full details of the cars he built that were included at the San Francisco Rod & Custom Show
Kustom Kulture ART - featuring the Ghetto Art Gallery in Tokyo - Featured Artist: KRNPX
Event Coverage from the San Francisco Rod & Custom Show
Mooneyes Japan Shop Tour
Alex Gambino Interview - telling us about the rides that he brought to the San Francisco hot rod show
Feature Car - Monster Bob and the Big Blue Car - this is the car that Monster Bob purchased from Reverand Horton Heat - this car was also in the Petersen Auto Museum
Steve Caballero Interview - talks about his new car - it is niiiice!
The Bonus DVD will feature more classic car/muscle car related event's not necessarily what fits "in the scene" but they are still cool cars and this is just a bonus that is thrown in for grins.

Click to buy! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New 'Rear Mount' Wiring Kits from Rebel Wire.

Now available from Rebel Wire...
come the highly requested 'Rear Fuse Mount' Kits that allow the modern Hot Rod builder the option of mounting the fuse box in the trunk, under the seat or basically anywhere within 12 feet of the dashboard.

The kits are available in all the usual Circuit options: 8 ; 9+3 ; 14 & 20 and all hand assembled by Rebel Wire in Tennessee USA.

Enquire for pricing and availability now: Rebel Wire @ Tradspeed


Arriving November 2010 on DVD thru Tradspeed...

Based on a true story, 'Red Dirt Rising' is the story of love in the time of moonshine as three of stock car racing’s earliest heroes come of age to find escape from life's challenges on the track, ultimately shaping the future of their families --- and auto racing --- during the Fightin’ Forties.
 Jimmie Lewallen leads the pack as he struggles to extract himself from a life of poverty. Risky bootlegging and family farm obligations present early obstacles, but when he falls for a mysterious divorcee, Carrie James, he has to find a way to harmonize family and his love of racing.  
Jimmie encounters camaraderie and competition in his best friends Bill Blair and Fred Harb. Together, their antics lay the groundwork for one of the most lucrative sports in the world. As racing’s popularity rises, the boys witness tragedy and unscrupulous business practices until one man’s vision to legitimize the sport offers them the chance of a lifetime.  

From hauling moonshine on warm North Carolina evenings to marriage and fatherhood, the stakes are raised when the U.S. enters World War II and Jimmie must prove himself an honorable man on the battlefield, the track and at home. Many important racing firsts occurred during the Fightin' Forties, making this film a sensational history lesson as well as an exciting journey of romance, friendship and action. 

Click for Trailer here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Bro's 34 takin' shape...

My brother Pete is building his dream car with a limited budget but a great vision. Mucho admiration to you bro'! 

New piece from CCM Rod Shop

The new 'Hotrod 5' from CCM is a blast from the past and a killer new addition to the range. available from Tradspeed soon... Top shelf job guys!