Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rodders Journal Issue 53...due soon.

The subscriber cover of issue #53 features the Eddie Miller Lakester now owned by Don Ferguson Jr. The Ferguson family has long been associated with land speed racing both on the dry lakes and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Their participation spans three generations with Don Sr., Don Jr. and Don III, who is now President of the SCTA. Don Sr. was always on the hunt for old racing cars, engines and parts. One of his most important acquisitions, which he made back in the mid-70s, was the Eddie Miller Lakester. Don Ferguson Jr. and a crew of skilled craftsman completed a full restoration in time for the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. Jim Miller is not only a noted hot rod historian, but is Eddie Miller Jr’s son as well and we felt it only fitting that he write the text for our article. He also supplied plenty of previously unpublished vintage photography.

The newsstand cover features Tom Venezia’s ’41 Willys. It just so happened that a trip to the East Coast to create material for this issue was necessary. We were able to pack three car features from three different states in to a ten-day thrash. We became aware of Tom’s ’41 Willys after the 2009 Jalopyrama where it was on display on the main floor. The Dayton, Maryland based Willys was built as a tribute to the original Gassers from the 1960s. It features a 6-71 blown, 4-port injected, 392 Chrysler Hemi, chromed tube axle, polished mag wheels and diamond pleat interior. We shot the coupe at The Baltimore Museum of Industry in Baltimore, Maryland, with the city’s harbor and skyline as the backdrop.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

HOT ROD Deluxe - Annual 2011

Here's the first HOT ROD Deluxe special collector's edition - Best of the Best! It's even a bigger size!

- Archive photos 1948 - 1965, Hot Rods, Garage Scene, The HRD Star Cars, 50+ Gassers, Best of HRD Girls!

$29.00 + shipping

Stock due instore next week. Just in time for Xmas.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

AUTOCULT... coming soon trendsetters!

We’ve been saying “It’s coming…” long enough.
Finally, we can introduce AUTOCULT magazine: the embodiment of everything we hold dear and love about automotive culture borne of, influenced and made by the American custom car scene. It’s done, printed, packed, shipped and will be hitting bookstores and newsstands next week.
Now, there’s so much to talk about over this magazine and we’ll be telling more stories all week long. But, first, we’ll give you the ‘why.’ As some of you already know, we’ve been in the car culture magazine business for a little more than a decade. And we’ve come to realize that the Automotive category on the newsstand is filled with magazines that lack what we love most about cars: the culture.
And when we say ‘culture,’ we don’t mean ‘kulture.’ Kulture was first widely used back in 1993 when the Kustom Kulture exhibit toured the country and dropped an A-bomb on the hot rod scene of the era. But by 2011, it’s turned into a four-letter word, just like ‘rat rod.’ No, when we use the word culture to describe what we do here, we use it in the context of ‘cultural anthropology.’ That sounds better to us. And when we use the phrase ‘rat rod,’ we’re talking about the first wave of revolution twenty years ago that took the hot rod out of the exclusionary realm of high-end street rod shops and put it back in the home garage, where it all started. More on that later…
So, back to the culture of custom cars. We know this about that: magazines are loved. Sure, online chatboards, catalogs and communities are essential, but this crowd would never forsake its magazines –– its printed word –– for them, alone. We love things. We love collecting. We love tactile experiences. Putting our hands on something makes a direct connection between the physical world and the spiritual one in ways that no iPad, iPod, iPhone or computer monitor ever could (not that we don’t love all our beautifully designed computers, though–and there will be plenty of digital goodies coming, too). We’re hotrodders. We’re car guys. And the feel of a warm valve cover, the aroma of a new set of bias-plys, the sound of a lopey motor under load, the taste of spent alcohol in the air at the track, the sight of a Model T hot rod with the perfect stance…all these things are feasts for the senses and they all mean something special to us. And if a publisher wants to make a magazine for us, he’d better know all about that and how it should translate into the bundled pages covered in ink. To take that a step further, we don’t think any other publisher has made the right magazine about the the artists, writers, builders, photographers, inventors, lovers, haters, fighters, racers, painters and fabricators who made (and make) American custom cars such a cultural force around the world.
So, we got back into the magazine business. But more accurately, we’re building the AUTOCULTURE brand and AUTOCULT is a major force behind it. We’ve designed it to be more of a quarterly museum exhibit catalog –– something meant to be kept and coveted –– dedicated to all the amazing people and things that make car culture one of the most dynamic and beautiful movements of the modern age. Dig on that.
To be clear, this magazine ain’t for everyone. If you get it, you’ll get it as soon as you pick it up. If you don’t…well, friend, there are plenty of other magazines sitting on either side of this one that are doing the same old thing they’ve been doing for (in some cases) decades and they’re doing it for about $5 or $6 less. But we get the feeling that, if you’re here already, you’re gonna get AUTOCULT.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


For the very first time The Rodder's Journal is offering a twelve-month calendar.
They have collected the very best of TRJ-style photography from the likes of Stephen "Spike" Kilmer, Peter Vincent, and Steve Coonan.
The thirteen photos and cars are unique to the calendar and have not been published elsewhere. Included are the dates for NSRA, Goodguys, and your favorite independent hot rod and custom shows.
Printed to the same standards as The Rodder's Journal, it features quality paper, and first rate reproduction. Produced in limited quantity, they're sure to become collectors' items.
Each image measures a generous 14.75 by 11.75 inches.

Start thinking about ordering for Xmas now.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Rebel Wire Muscle Car Kits.

16 Circuit Kit
Basic Muscle car harness designed for Chevy, Ford, Mopar and other 60's and 70's cars and trucks. Kit has the following circuits: Horn relay, Headlights 2 or 4, Hazard, Cell phone charger, Dome and Trunk Lights, Radio and Radio Constant, Gauge Power, Wiper, Brake Light,3rd Brake Light, AC-Heat. Turn Signal, Elec. Choke and 1 Accessory wire, Fusible Link and Rubber Grommet. All our kits are manufactured using heavy duty SXL wire and labeled every 6". This kit includes 4 Headlamp connectors and wires for side marker lights. All kits come with easfollow instructions and Tech Line info.

20 Circuit Kit
This Rebel Wire 21 Circuit takes the Basic Muscle Car Harness then we added Power Doors, Power Windows, Power Seats, Cruise and Electric Fan Relay Control wire. This kit comes with connectors and wire for 2 or 4 headlamps and wire for side markers. Assembled with heavy duty SXL wire labeled every 6" and bundled for easy installation. Comes with Fusible link, 1 1/4 Rubber grommet for firewall. Instructions and Fuse Label.

Contact us to order your Kit

Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Limeworks Speed Shop comes to TradSpeed.

I'm stoked to announce the killer range from Limeworks now feature on the shelves at TradSpeed.

Check our parts & prices first!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Model A Roadster For Sale!

1930-31 Brookville Roadster Body
1932 American Stamping Frame
1932 Brookville Roadster Grille & Shell
4L60E Transmission (rebuilt) With computer
LS6 Corvette Engine (crate)
LS6 Flywheel
Misc. LS6 parts (coils, plug wires. etc.)
Holly Carburetor
Tire and Rims
450/475-16 Front Tires
750-16 Rear Tires
Wheel Vintique Steel rims
Kugal Brake arm kit
Gennie 23” shifter arm
Tanks Gas Tank
Glide Eng. Seat and seat foam
1950 Pontiac tail lights (repro)
Universal motor mounts
Classic Instruments 6 Gauge set

If you're interested I will send you email/contact details for the owner. Can get more pics too.

Price US$25,000 (NZ$30,000) + shipping ...

Dale Ph 021 611 433

Saturday, August 20, 2011