Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go with MOON! Available soon from the Tradspeed library....

Following 'The Electroline Diaries' and 'Rebel Motorcycles Ltd', award winner(*) Laurent Bagnard is back with a new book: 'Go with Moon'. The story of the legend and legacy that is Dean Moon and the brandname that survives him.

Laurent Bagnard was born on April 10th, 1963. He grew up listening to the Clash, the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, reading Kerouac and Zelazny.

Faithful to his 'dreams of elswhere', Laurent is also the founder of PowerGlide magazine, which spiced up the hot rod and custom enthusiast's press with crossover cultural feeds: music, photography and illustration. He walks the underworld with a Telecaster in mind and an outdated Nikon in hand.

(*)-7th International Automotive Media Competition concluded June 24, 2008. Gold medal for Illustration & Photography.

'Go with Moon'

Did you know that Dean Moon created his first fuel Block while still in high school? did you know that 15 or so years later he imported Drag Racing into Europe? Did you also know that the 1968 Japanese Grand Prix was won by a Nissan that ran a Moon-built Chevy smallblock?

You know that Shige Suganuma, currently the torch bearer of the Mooneyes spirit, bought the bankrupt company in the early 1990's, but did you know he restored it completely and saved it from possible oblivion? Did you know he kept the same phone number Dean had since 1955?

Read all about it and more in 'Go with Moon'.

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