Sunday, September 12, 2010


We are extremely excited about the recent launch of TRJ's newest product, the TRJ Special diecast 1932 Ford Coupe. These 1:18 scale models are currently in production and will be ready to ship just in time for the holidays.  Only 2000 will be sold, and each will have a numbered serial plate on the bottom of the gas tank. 

Just over 22,000 Deluxe coupes were built by Ford for the 1932 model year. That makes them one of the rarest 1932 Fords ever produced. By the early 1950s, literally hundreds of these coupes were turned into hot rods and lakes racers, which is what prompted TRJ to do their first diecast not only as a 1932 coupe but to emulate a street and racing dynamic. As soon as they got the first sample from GMP it was decided to do a full TRJ studio photo shoot in an effort to provide you with more details of just how accurate these are.

$139.95US + shipping (TBD)