Friday, October 1, 2010

The Rodders Journal Issue # 49 .... INSTOCK NOW!

Jimmy King’s 1939 Ford DeLuxe convertible is as period correct as they come. He bought the beat up ’39 at the fall Carlisle swap meet in 1992, and delivered it to Dave Simard’s shop for a full rebuild. All the parts used in the build are original or NOS, and they restored the car to the way it may have looked as a custom in 1955. The complete article in TRJ #49 details all of the parts used and all of the work put in to this beautiful convertible.

 The newsstand cover car is featured in a story along with two other blown Ardun-powered 1932 Fords, all built by Roy Brizio Street Rods in South San Francisco. Mark and Dennis Mariani’s coupe is shown with Hal Weibel’s 1932 Ford sedan delivery and Jorge Zaragoza’s 1932 Ford Victoria. Each of these traditionally styled hot rods is a beauty in its own right, but to see all three together is awe-inspiring.

Ray and Rory Forbes, father and son, from Reno, Nevada have long been fans of 1934 Ford hot rods. In this issue we have featured both Ray’s coupe and Rory’s roadster with all of the location photography taken on the dry lake just north of Reno where the Cal-Neva races were held back in the late ’40s and early ’50s. Both cars feature traditional, early 1950s drivetrains including a Buick Nailhead in Ray’s coupe and an Edmunds equipped Olds in Rory’s roadster.

Cutaway drawings have long been appreciated forms of automotive art for being a useful tool in building cars as well as a way to simply admire the technical craftsmanship. Rex Burnett was one of the most well known cutaway artists of all time. A car guy himself, owning 82 cars during his lifetime, Rex had many published pieces in Hot RodMotor Trend, and other Petersen titles during the late ’40s and ’50s. In this issue we delve into his life story and show several of his cutaway drawings along with some of his never-before-published initial pencil renderings.