Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vultures: Melbourne to Hobart a Photographic Diary

Vultures: Melbourne to Hobart a Photographic Diary is now available to order. This is the first book project by Fuel Magazine editor and photographer Luke Ray.
In March 2010, the Vultures car club set off on a long weekend cruise from Port Melbourne to Hobart, via the overnight ferry. The club invited Luke to tag along and document the event, and this book is the result.

Hard cover and printed on high quality stock, the book is 232 pages long. It's predominantly a photo diary, with inserts written by the Vultures themselves containing memories and stories from the event.

It is printed in a limited run of 500 copies, and each one will be hand numbered and signed by Luke. Click on any of the images for order details.

"The blue dot tail lights drill a purple glow into the night as the heavyweight champion of the boogie universe, John Lee Hooker growls out of the steel dashboard speaker grille.

A Chromium and steel serpent rolls south along an asphalt ribbon. Nailhead, Hemified, Sidevalved and Cadillacked churning up the white line and U.F.O. roulette wheel covers. Hopped up, cut down, tail-dragging through Van Dieman's Land.

Rattles, squeaks, howling wind, burning oil and sonic exhaust rumble to the sound of the devil chaining his third wife down.

3am, Wednesday 17th March. I awake and realise that I need to shake a leg if I want to have my '49 Ford ready for the Vulture's voyage to Tassie..."

Rick Beljan, The Vultures C.C.