Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kustoms Illustrated & Hot Rods Illustrated instock now at Tradspeed.

Kustoms Illustrated is the only magazine dedicated 100% to traditional style Lead Sleds!
If words like Candy Apple, Tuck 'n' Roll, Wide White Walls, Frenched Headlights and Flipper Caps gets your blood pumpin', then you are going to dig KUSTOMS ILLUSTRATED!
Every 64 page issue is jam packed with photos, articles, news, artwork and event coverage pertaining strictly to '40s, '50s and early '60s style custom cars.

Kustoms Illustrated is published four times a year in the old "digest" style format (5.5 X 8.5) just like the cool old magazines you remember from the '50s.  The magazine is 64 pages long and in FULL color!   Issues 24 to 28 instock now.  $12.00 per issue ($15 shipped).

Hot Rods Illustrated is the new magazine from the Editors of Kustoms Illustrated MagazineHot Rods Illustrated is published in the same format (digest size) as Kustoms Illustrated, with the focus strictly on traditional style Hot Rods. The issues are packed full of event coverage and articles on only cool Retro Hot Rods! Hot RodsIllustrated is now in FULL COLOR on slick glossy paper. 
48 pages of '50s era Hot Rods!  Issues 2 to 6 instock now.  $12 per issue ($15 shipped).